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Hi, welcome to the website I have set up for my team! My name is Sharon Gibson (here I am on Facebook).  I have several years of experience in earning money online, and I am going to show you how to set up a very simple automated system that will generate daily cash for you…an automated money solution!

We have taken a very simple and popular “money-maker” and paired it with some awesome expert training.  Thus, you will have in your hands the means to earn daily money, plus you are going to be able to work along with a team of expert online marketers as we support you and show you step by step exactly what to do.


lead capture page for Email Processing SystemIMPORTANT: If you have not entered your contact information in a page like the one shown to the left, please click here to do that now. This is more than just an email list – it is my way of keeping you informed on updates, as well as providing you with additional important information, training, and money-making tips.




If you have never make money online before, or you have been trying to do so without good success, get ready!! As soon as tonight, you can be on your way to getting your first commission payment. Plus you will acquire the skills that will let you work anytime of the day or night on your own schedule, and from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

Ok, let’s get started! The system we use to make instant daily money is called the Email Processing System (EPS). With our updated program, people are now making more money than ever before with EPS. The 3 commission levels all include the the original, official EPS system that has been around since 2010.  You get your commissions paid directly to you over and over, and it is very easy to start making money with this system.

CLICK HERE go to my EPS page. The EPS page will open in a separate window. Watch the video to get an overview of how EPS works, and then scroll down and under the video you can read more details. You may purchase the EPS system by clicking on the button at the bottom of that page, and your purchase will include access to my Team Bonus Training course.

After you make your purchase, come back to this website and click the “Getting Started” tab at the top of this page.

​Get ready to make some $$$!!!

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