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me100Hi!  Welcome to my website, Automated Money Solution!  I’m Sharon Gibson, and I work from home on the internet, with several online businesses.  I love working at home!   But let me make this clear to you: working from home on the internet requires time, patience, and determination.   Don’t believe the claims some people make of getting rich overnight!  You will need to really stick with it to see the best results, but you can make it happen!

Is it hard work?  I don’t consider it hard, because I’m in a peaceful and relaxed environment here at home, working at my desk.  I can create my own schedule.  I can take time off when I want to, because I’m my own boss (and I’m a great boss, LOL).  I don’t deal with flaky managers or demanding customers.  In fact, I don’t even talk on the phone to my prospects (although you can, if you like).  Some people may not like this type of work environment, but I absolutely love it.

But you do have to put a good amount of time into building up your business.  I do a variety of things on the internet to make money.  I personally believe, as many internet marketers do, that it is good to set up several “income streams.”  However, I strongly advise you start with one business and make it profitable, before you add another.  Stick with it, don’t make the mistake of jumping around from one thing to another.  I have weeded through various online opportunities to find this one to recommend to you to start with.

There are so many different ways to make money on the internet, but the internet marketing (IM) field is so full of false promises, hype, and scams!  I’ve been fortunate to never have lost money on internet ventures, but so many other have lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. I hate that, and I don’t want it to happen to you, so that is one of the reasons I have created this site.

So I hope this site can give you a bit of guidance and help you get your online business up and running, and making money for you!  Check back often to see new posts.  And I hope you enjoy your work-from-home life as much as I do mine  : )

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