FREE Dosh app paying $15 per referral

12/17/18 UPDATE:  Dosh news from today: “From now through December 24 at 12 pm CT, we are offering $10 for every referral that links a verified card & each new Dosher gets $5 for linking a card. ūüôĆ

Make that cash add up when you shop at our newest offers, includingChevron & Texaco, Pier 1SEPHORA (8% for a limited time!) andHallmark Gold Crown Stores (select stores only).” 


4/6/18 UPDATE:  The Dosh special promotion is back!!  This is from Dosh’s email that went out today:

“Limited Time Promo: Get $15 for each friend you refer to Dosh who links a card and gets in-store cash back for the first time.*

Promo ends April 13th at 12pm CT, so start referring!”


Here is the copy of Dosh’s email from 3/28:

“Thank you for being a Dosher! As we continue to grow, we‚Äôve made some updates to the app. The most recent update regards our referral program.

Going forward, in order for you to receive a referral bonus your referral must use your link to download the app onto their mobile phone, connect a valid credit or debit card, and get cash back from a nearby offer, hotel booking, or online offer.*”

You’ll receive your bonus immediately after your referral gets cash back for the first time.



I don’t usually mess with apps but this FREE Dosh app is currently paying you $15 per referral until 12/31.
That makes it suddenly worth messing with  

dosh app

Some quick details:
 It’s a cash back app. All you do is link any debit or credit card, and get automatic cash back on participating retailers.
 You already get $5 when you link your first card, then $1 for each additional card (up to 3 cards).
 $15 per referral who uses your link, downloads app and links their card, thru 12/31.
 Pays out to PayPal or bank transfer.

HURRY and get this FREE money!!

You can see the proofs from me and my team down below, but first…

Here’s all you need to do to start making money from the Dosh app:
[1] Open the above link from your phone to download FREE Dosh app from Google Play for Android or Apple App Store for ioS.
[2] Link a debit, credit, or pre-paid card.
[3] Go to the Social tab to share your referral link on Facebook and Twitter, and via text or email to your phone contacts.


This won’t make you rich, but it can easily make you a very nice amount of spending money.  And this is so easy: just download app, link your card(s), and go to the Social tab to share your referral link to social media, text, and email…right from the app.





I know some folks love to make money from apps.  I don’t usually bother much with them, since most of them don’t really make a significant amount of money. And some apps are not that useful to me personally. But this one has been going viral on social media within the past few days, and now I’m so glad I paid attention to it!

So basically you can earn money from Dosh in 3 ways: the signup bonus for linking your card, the unlimited referral bonuses from sharing your referral link, and from earning cash back.  The cash back comes using your linked card at local restaurants and retailers, as well as online retailers.  You’ll see these inside your app.  To give you an example, some of the ones I see are Sam’s Club, Forever 21, Ace Hardware, Gap, Old Navy, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc.  Just use your card as you normally would, and the cash back will show up in your app.

I have free training on how to make money with Dosh App on social media and Craigslist, and pre-written ads you can use. Just message me on Facebook:

Remember, Dosh app is paying $15 per referral through Dec. 31.  After that, it will revert to the previous $5 per referral.
Get started ASAP so you can get paid from the Dosh app!

Fri. Dec 22 6:40 pm updates:
[1] From Dosh email to members today: “Changes to Terms of Service – Prepaid cards are no longer accepted in the app. We accept bank-issued Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.  Users must have a US-based (non-VoIP) phone number.”  A few people have still been getting in with pre-paid cards, so you can always try one to see if it will work.
[2] Dosh states that payouts are currently running 1 to 3 days after your referral payments are earned (and for cash-back bonuses), so today (Friday Dec. 22) they have been processing payouts from Tues. Dec. 19th. 

Fri. Jan 12 10:25 am update: Payouts to PayPal have been instant!  We are loving Dosh!!

Fri. Jan 19 10:20 am update:
[1]For the past couple of days, Dosh has been “capping out” referrals at some point during the day- in other words, reaching a limit of referrals being accepted, so if you are just signing up, try to get in ASAP as early in the day as you can.
[2] It’s still a bit hit-or -miss on prepaids cards being accepted, but some in the team have said that new referrals have been able to link Chime and Green Dot cards.  So try your prepaid to see if it will be accepted!

Does Dosh App really pay?

Check out the money my team and I have been earning:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I personally think this app is just going to continue to grow in popularity, even after the referral bonus goes back to $5.  Here are some news articles that indicate why we should continue to watch this app’s growth :
Dosh Raises $4.9M to Help Save Consumers Money with Discounts
Rapid Growth as Dosh Prepares for Public Launch
Dosh: Austin’s most promising consumer-facing startup since Whole Foods and Dell?


Informaci√≥n sobre la app Dosh en espa√Īol

La oferta actual de $15 que se te paga por cada persona referrida se aplica desde el 7 de enero hasta el 21 de enero, ¬°as√≠ que ap√ļrate! Env√≠ame un mensaje en Facebook si deseas, para que yo te pueda ayudar.
Enlace para descargar (hay que usar tu telefono para abir y descargar):

NOTICIAS: Dosh ha notificado a los miembros que desafortunadamente ya no est√° aceptando tarjetas pre-pagadas en este momento, solo de d√©bito y de cr√©dito.

Dosh en espa√Īol


If you are looking for something else that is free to earn money with, I recommend RushCard, as it pays even better at $30 per referral.  Click here to read about the RushCard referral program. 

How to get more results in your Email Processing System business

focus on the processIf you want to know how to get more results in your Email Processing System business, here’s a business tip for you:¬†“Marry The Process And Divorce The Outcome.”

It seems like we usually define results as how much money we have earned. And of course we love instant results ūü§Ď

And one of the big things we love about the Email Processing System is that instant pay we get!  Yesss, we love it when we wake up and see we made money already while we were asleep. There is something so satisfying about that!

And it’s normal to be concerned with how to get more results in your Email Processing System business, especially when you are new and just getting your business started.

But if you are obsessed with money-results, checking your PayPal every 5 minutes “did I make money yet? did I make money yet?”, what will happen is that you will get discouraged for not seeing those results as quickly as you think you should, and you’ll slow down your efforts and then quit entirely.

Instead, focus on the process. Posting your ads, driving traffic, following up with leads, creating content, etc….whatever those Daily Action things are for you in your biz.

In fact, work like you don’t even care if you get the results or not. It seems odd, but this is a little tip that helped me a lot.

It shifts your focus to where it needs to be in order for your business to be successful.

Because when you get your PROCESS right first, putting all your focus and attention on that, then everything will fall into place and you will get the RESULTS.

Put in the work daily and be consistent. ¬†Work that Daily Action Plan that we recommend for you, and those results are going to happen ūüėČ

How To Increase Facebook Engagement With See First

How To Increase Facebook Engagement With See FirstIf you have an online business, it’s a problem if you aren’t getting many Likes and Comments on your posts. ¬†This video “How To Increase Facebook Engagement With See First” will explain why simply posting more does not solve the problem.

I see this happen all the time: people will just keep posting their link MORE, thinking that the more they post, the more it will be seen. ¬†But that’s not the solution.

So here is a free training for you, to supplement the Facebook marketing strategies in your EPS Plus Bonus Training.

This video below, “How To Increase Facebook Engagement With See First”, will explain why simply posting more does not solve the problem.

It doesn’t matter how much you post if your posts aren’t showing up in the Newsfeed!

Facebook has its algorithm for determining what is shown in its Newsfeed. This video will show you that there is a Facebook feature called “See First”, and how to use this to your advantage.

To help you get more sales in your Email Processing System business, notice I mention how you can use this in connection with new prospects that you become Facebook friends with.  This is a great strategy to use in your follow-up.

Remember to put a time limit on this strategy, otherwise Facebook will eat up all your time before you know it!  Set a timer, and keep a sense of purpose as your scroll through your Newsfeed.

Your comments don’t have to be long. ¬†I know one popular marketer on Facebook who might just comment “cool” or “awesome”. ¬†I try to add a bit more than that, as I mention in the video. ¬†Pay the person a bit of a sincere compliment, or tell them briefly what point in their post helped you and how. ¬†But a little short comment is better than no comment when you don’t have much time or you can’t really think of much to say.

Happy Facebook marketing!


You only need one of these, and you’re on your way to success…

You might be worrying that EPS Plus Bonus Training won’t work for you…

EPS proof of payment
This was the first payment I received from EPS. You only need ONE of these, and you are on your way to success!

You see it “works” for other people, but maybe the doubt lingers in your mind.

What if it doesn’t work for YOU?

Your bills stack up.  You calculate that you may need to be making hundreds of dollars per month, or maybe thousands, in order to get where you need to be financially.

But is EPS what is really going to get you where you need to be?

If you have struggled to earn money online in the past, or even if you have never made any money from the internet, I want you to remember this very important point:

You only need ONE.

“One of what?”, you ask.

You just need to receive your first online payment!

Here’s why I say that:

(1) Seeing that first EPS money appear in your account is like no other feeling. ¬†There the money is, right there! In your account, proving to you this works just like it’s supposed to. ¬†This first payment notification will make a believer out of you for sure! It will erase from your mind any lingering doubts you had about doing this, and it will fire up your motivation to keep going.

(2) It will recoup your investment.  If you paid $25 to get your EPS system, you just broke even!  With just one payment received! And since you earn 100% commissions, everything you earn from this point on is pure profit.

(3) You now have your own proof to show other people this really does work. ¬†(Although we have a strategy we teach in our training that will help you with this even before you make your own money.) ¬†In fact, I’m going to give you a huge tip here: leverage that one first payment to obtain your next one. ¬†Post it on your Facebook and other social media, and show it to people. Use your last result to get your next result.¬† HUGE tip right there ūüėČ

(4) Remember that if you know how to make one sale, you know how to make a hundred more. ¬†Or a thousand more…or an endless number more, because there are no limits to what you can earn. ¬†Limits only exist in your mind. ¬†What you did to get that first payment, that method worked, right? ¬†So keep going, and scale up.

So remember: you only need ONE.

EPS money made
The 2nd payment I received from EPS, made on the same day.

P.S. I had to dig back quite a ways to find that first payment, and I saw that I actually received a 2nd payment on that same day. ¬†So I made $50 in that one day. ¬†You’d better believe I kept on going after that!



Direct, instant pay means you won’t be scammed out of your earnings

Direct pay…that’s one of the strongest points of this business. ¬†You get paid instantly!

Look what somebody posted in one of our groups on Facebook:

Many people are nervous about joining an online business.  A good direct pay company such as EPS Plus Bonus Training will ensure that you never get scammed out of your earnings.

Can you imagine?? Putting in what surely was quite a bit of work, to get up to $2000 in earnings…just to never get paid on it?!!

I would have been so mad! ¬†Don’t think it doesn’t happen in the online world…I see it happen quite a bit.

But with our EPS Plus Bonus Training business, this will NEVER happen.  You are paid directly!!

  • You put in the work, you make the money.
  • You never have to wait to get paid.
  • You don’t split your commissions.
  • There is no “middle man”.
  • You keep 100% of it.

It’s alllll yours ūüėČ



Include videos in your email marketing

TIP: Include videos in your email marketing. (Keep reading, there’s a twist!)

People love videos and respond well to them. You may have heard of the suggestion to embed a video in an email message to your prospects. BUT there can be a problem with that…

Your prospect’s email system might flag those emails as spam, and your prospect might not ever see them. And some people might have trouble getting video to play within an email.

But there is an easy solution for this, and in my opinion, much better.

Simply put a screenshot of your video in the email…a screenshot that has the little “play” symbol in the center of it, and link that screenshot image to your web page.

When a person sees that screenshot image with the play icon, they will instinctively click on it to “play” the video.

Like the image below: is it the actual video? or is it a screenshot that links to the location of the video on my Youtube channel? Click it and see…

link screenshot of video

How to include a video image with a play icon in your emails

To take a screenshot that will have that little “play” symbol in the middle of it, in your Youtube channel, go to your video, click on the Share option under it, then click Embed and then Show More. Then you will see the video image you want to grab a screenshot of:

screenshot of video image with play button


Then your email editor should allow you to simply insert the image in your message and link it to where you want the reader to go when they click it. ¬†And when you are actually linking that video image to a web page, you are getting your prospect to go from the email to your web page, which is where you ultimately want them to be. ¬†Alternately, you can link the image to your Youtube channel, if that’s what’s you want to do.

Don’t forget, while your emails can serve an important function to build good relationships with your prospects and keep in touch with them, you still want to keep in mind your goal to drive traffic to your web pages. ¬†So try this tip to include videos in your email marketing, and you will accomplish that goal!

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