Email Processing System vs. Infinity Processing System

Do you remember the old “Email Processing System”?
I used to see it and I would think: “that is SO DUMB.” 

To the best of my knowledge, it was the first program of its kind.
It advertised copy and paste ads and that you got instant payments, directly to your PayPal.

Well, I’m going to tell you, whether you loved it or you hated it…
That old Email Processing System is how A LOT of people I know got started in online marketing.

And I myself eventually got into an improved version of it, and I made money too.

Even though I initially thought it was SO DUMB, why did it work? 

The old EPS worked because of 2 main factors: it was SIMPLE, and it PAID you.

It’s long gone now (there’s a group of scammers running a copycat version so steer clear of that)…
but you may not know that Infinity Processing has its roots in that old Email Processing.

Only, Infinity Processing is WAY better, with more ad resources and far more complete training.

But these 2 factors still apply: It’s SIMPLE, and it PAYS you. 
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Here’s an image of the old Email Processing System to jog your memory…or to remind you of how so many got their start in earning money online!

Email Processing System
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