Free For USA

Free For USA

This page will show you how to start a complete home business for FREE if you live in the USA.
If you follow all 3 steps on this page, you will open the door to make unlimited money online.

Step 1Get the Rush Pre-Paid card.

Rush pays you $30 when you activate the card, then it pays you $30 for each person who also does the same thing using your referral link.  You can sign up 20 people in a calendar year. I will be showing you how to easily get your 20 referrals, and this will add up to over $600 that you will be getting paid.

THIS IS FREE MONEY, just waiting for you to go and get it!!

I have looked at several such cards with “refer a friend” type programs, and this one is the best. This looks like a lot of information that I have typed out, but it’s really SO easy to get this and get started making your money from it.

DECEMBER 2018 UPDATE: This offer is good through Dec. 31, 2018, so HURRY and get your free $30!!  Also, the official site’s page states some updated requirements for getting your RushCard, so be sure to check that out.

I have put some proofs at the bottom of this page.  As I get time, I will add more of my and my team’s results.

There is no credit check, you don’t need to link it to a bank account, and it’s super quick and easy to apply online.  I got the email confirmation immediately as soon as I submitted the form.

They will mail your card to you immediately and you will receive it within 7 to 10 days (might be sooner), BUT as soon as you submit your application online, call their customer service at 866-787-4227 (it’s open 24/7) and ask for your referral ID, so that you are able to start referring people right away.  The earnings will show in your online account and then when you get your card and activate it, you can then access those funds.

It’s a Visa card, so you can use it to go shopping, make purchases online, or withdraw the cash from an ATM, just like you would with any Visa debit card.

Click here to apply and get your card mailed to you.  Be sure the referral code shows “SHARONGIBSON5”.  (If you are signing up with a different sponsor, be sure to get their referral code.)

Here’s what you will see on the application page, and I want to point out a couple of things to pay attention to:

Rush card application

  • Notice the card fees for the card design.  One of them, the Sequins one, is $9.95, whereas you can choose one of the others for $3.95.
  • It’s up to you which monthly plan you pick, but think about how often you plan to use the card for transactions.  I picked the “pay as you go” plan.  But if you plan to use this card a lot, then the flat monthly fee might come out better for you. Just leave some of your “free money” on the card to cover that.
  • If you live in an apartment, put that on the same line as your street address.  For some reason, it seems to cause a problem validating the address if you put the Apt number on the next line.
  • Be sure your sponsor’s referral code shows up in that space.  Don’t continue if it’s blank.  Check back with your sponsor or referrer to get their code, otherwise nobody gets their $30!

Be sure to read about any additional fees associated with the Rush card…click here to see the Fee Chart.  Basically, there’s nothing too unusual there, but you just need to be aware of what charges you a fee and what doesn’t.  For example, it costs you nothing to withdraw your cash from an “in-network” ATM machine, whereas an “out of network” ATM will cost you a $2.50 fee. Here’s the link to find an in-network ATM in your zip code.  It looks like they’re pretty common.  Here’s the link to the Rush FAQ page.  Look that over too.

So when you get your card in the mail, you will then set up an online account and set the PIN number to activate it.  The instructions are on the FAQ page, just scroll down on that page to where it says “How do I activate my card?”

Next, you will fund the card. The easiest way to do this is via PayPal, if you have sufficient funds there.  Just send $3.95 over to your Rush card, and it costs you nothing to do that.  Log into your PayPal, go to Summary -> Money -> Link a bank, select “I have a different bank” since Rush won’t appear in their list of banks, and then select “Checking account.”  You will fill in your Rush card account number and routing number, which you will find in your Rush online account under My Account, Account Settings.  PayPal will send 2 very small deposits from your PayPal to your Rush account, less than $1 each (usually less than .20 cents), and then these amounts will be credited back to your PayPal.  This is the customary way PayPal verifies an account, as you probably know already.

Alternately, you can fund your account at a number of very common stores, such as Walgreens, CVS, 7-11, etc.  Here’s the link to locations. You’ll notice on their FAQ page it says “At a minimum, you must add enough money to pay your One-Time Card Fee ($3.95 or $9.95, depending on the card design you choose).”

Most locations where you load the card also have their own fee they will charge, but it appears to be not more than $5.00 for most of these places. You will just have to ask at the particular location where you go how much their fees are.

When you complete those steps, you will see the $30 credited to your account anywhere from within one hour to the next business day (it was within minutes for me).  Yay, that’s the first payment of your FREE money!!  Deducting your load fees only knocks off a few dollars from your profit, but remember, it’s FREE money that was given to you!  You should still come out with at least $20 or even as much as about $26, depending on whatever fees you may have incurred.

Although loading the card with PayPal would be the easiest thing, to speak from my personal experience I decided to go to a CVS to see how that would go.  They require $20 cash plus $4.95 to load the card.  So I did that and drove back home, logged into my Rush online account, and there was my FREE MONEY, credited to me!  So subtracting the total fees from my FREE MONEY, I ended up with a profit of $21.10 ($30 Refer-a-Friend credit, minus $3.95 card activation fee, minus $4.95 CVS load fee).

From that point onward, you then receive $30 for each person who completes this process using your referral link.  So maxing out your allowed number of referrals will earn you a total of somewhere around $620.  Remember, this is per calendar year, so if you are starting in December and you get your 20 referrals by the end of the month, you are able to start referring again on January 1, so that would mean you could earn $1200+ in a very short period of time!  That will come in handy paying the bills, for sure!

You could stop after Step 1 with just your $600, but why limit yourself when you can just as easily be earning unlimited money?? This free money is what you will use to get your complete home business started, with nothing out of pocket you ever have to pay again.  So now for the next 2 steps…you are going to take some of your free money earned with your Rush Card to pay your way into 2 of the hottest money-making programs around! You will still end up with about $500 left over from the Rush Card, plus you will dramatically increase your earning potential 🙂

Step 2.Join Email Processing System at the $100 commission level.  This will qualify you to earn instant payments of $25, $50, and $100 into your PayPal.

This is the No Limits Team “EPS Plus Bonus Training” program, and it makes a lot more money than the old original Email Processing System.  Click here to go to my EPS page (or get with your sponsor and get their website link). Plus you will get all the awesome training, which is done by a 6-figure earner, and she will show you exactly how she used EPS to get to where she is today.

Step 3Join All In One Profits at the Pro level.  This will qualify you to earn payments of $10 and $15 monthly residual income, and $18 Fast Start Bonus payments.

When you join, you also get my marketing funnel which will put your EPS business on autopilot. Click here to read the details about that.

Ok, so now here is the breakdown on all of this…

Rush profit chart

First, just focus on just getting your first 4 referrals on your Rush Card, then take that money for your “upgrade” on Steps 2 and 3 above. Then, as you bring referrals on board and present this same earning plan to them, you will make much, MUCH more money than your $500 from your Rush Card.

Rush Card Proof of Payment for Referrals

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There are lots of other cool benefits associated with Rush card, so read their website to find out all those details.  This was a post made on Nov. 29 showing winners of a sweepstakes promotion:

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