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Get My Low-Cost Marketing Funnel for EPS

Put your EPS biz on autopilot!

I have created a marketing funnel specifically for my team to use for promoting their EPS business.  This is how you put your business on “autopilot”, making sales even when you are away from your computer or asleep!

September 2017 UPDATE: NEW!!! I am also now creating web pages for my team – the “sales page” that you will need. I am doing these pages for each of the 3 commission level packages.  Here is a sample page.  More info to come here, but in the meantime, email me for more details.

There are different ways people refer to a marketing funnel – they might call it a lead capture page system, a marketing system, or a sales funnel…all referring to the same thing – a way to collect the contact information of people interested in looking at your business, plus an automated way to keep following up with them by providing them with additional information that will help them to make their decision.  A good marketing system like this will also help people to come to know you better and trust you, and this will dramatically increase your sales.  It’s going to make your life easier for you, and make you more money!

EPS autoresponder

14 pre-written email autoresponder series.

My marketing system consists of a selection of 2 different lead capture pages as seen above, and a pre-written email autoresponder series with 14 days worth of messages.  You can also add as many of your own messages to that series as you wish, as well as have the ability to send “broadcast” emails that go out to everyone on your email list at the same time.

I am making this available to you through All In One Profits (AIOP).  Their membership is extremely low-cost and super valuable, and I have used AIOP since I found it in October 2012. I absolutely love what AIOP provides.

There are other systems being used by other marketers in our Facebook group, and in fact Adriana has a system she promotes. For all of those types of systems, you would normally need membership to 2 separate services, one for the lead capture pages, and one for your autoresponder.   The choice is up to you, but if you start checking out the costs, you can see this can get to be a bit expensive.

So I wanted to create an alternative that would be super-affordable for everyone.  AIOP has 2 membership levels, and the lowest-priced option is only $11.50 per month!  This is an “all-in-one” package which will give you access to the the 2 lead capture pages I have created for you and the autoresponder service for an unlimited number of subscribers (actually, you get loads of other things with your membership, too).  You have no idea what a great deal this is! Plus you will earn residual income commission every month for each person who signs up and is placed under you.

AIOP proof

All In One Profits payment

AIOP has a great and unique compensation plan, but I’ll put the video at the end of this page so you can look at it later.  But you only need one referral to break even, so you really can’t go wrong here.

It’s very easy to get set up with my EPS funnel…just a few clicks and fill in a couple of boxes, copy your EPS sales page link into the email messages, and you’re ready!

Here’s what you need to do:

(1) Click here to create your AIOP account and set up your payment method.  Click on the Join button.  You may see my name as sponsor or it might be the name of someone in my downline…no worries, as long as you saw my pic and name in the top bar, you have the correct link and you will be in my team.  (NOTE:  If I am not your EPS sponsor, use the AIOP referral link your EPS sponsor gives you.  If your EPS sponsor is NOT a member of AIOP, then you may use my link.)

There are 2 membership levels to choose from, and if you can only afford the Basic package, that’s perfectly fine. But I will just point out that many people who will sign up under you will see the benefit of being at the Pro Level, so you will earn more money if you are at the Pro Level also, and it only costs a few dollars more.  Here’s a chart which shows how you position yourself to earn more by being a Pro member:

AIOP comp plan


For payment processors to use, you will have several options for paying AIOP as well as receiving your commissions.

(2) After you have signed up, please send me an email with subject “I joined AIOP” (if you are on my mailing list, you have my email address.)  Let me know who your AIOP sponsor is, as shown in your AIOP back office, and your AIOP user name.  Then I will email you back with the number code you will need for the marketing funnel “shared campaign.”

(3) When you get that campaign number, log into your AIOP back office and go to Toolbox and then Autoresponder:


AIOP tutorial


Scroll down to the bottom of that page where it says “Or load (reload) a ready made campaign” and click the button for “ready made campaigns”:

AIOP load ready made campaign


When you see the boxes to fill in, here’s what to type into them:

AIOP shared campaign


See how easy that was? Now under the list that shows your campaigns, you will see the links to the 2 lead capture pages – referred to as “the duplicated pages for this campaign”.  You can use either one, or both!  They are both already connected to your autoresponder email series.  For convenience, copy those links and keep them in a file on your computer or in your email:


AIOP tutorial


TIP: Forward your domain name to one of these lead capture pages.  You can see that’s what I’ve done with my domain “automatedmoneysolution .net“.

(4) Now this next step is VERY IMPORTANT!  You need to go into each of the messages and add your sales page link (sorry there wasn’t a way to automate that part for you, lol).  But it’s very easy to edit your messages. Here is the video that shows you how to do this, and then I will put some written instructions and tips below.


[1] When you are in Campaigns, click the blue Go link to select the campaign you want to edit.

[2] Add your Sales Page link to each message.  In each of the messages, you will easily see where I have indicated the place for you to paste your link.
~ Remember editor will “time out” after a while.
~ Font is Tahoma 14 pt.
~ You can create a text link, for ex:
– Get the EPS Plus Bonus Training System
– Check out the new Email Processing System
– Click here to get started earning today!

[3] First message has place for your Facebook link also.

[4] Your name and email will be automatically inserted at the end of each of the 14 messages, using [[uname]] and [[umail]].  Change these in Settings if you need to, and it will automatically update in all your messages.

[5] Send Test messages to your email to check your links.

[6] You can add to series if you wish.
~ Set the interval numbers to space out the emails however  you wish, starting after 13 (the end of the 14 pre-written series.
~ Create plain text file to write your message first.
~ Remember to switch editor to HTML before adding message.
~ Keep formatting simple.
~ Don’t forget to add [[uname]] and [[umail]] at the end of new messages.
~ Use [[firstname]] once or twice.

[7] You can send Broadcast emails. These go out to everyone at the same time.  You can then use that content to add to your autoresponder series.

[8] Don’t confuse prospect with too much information or other programs.
~ Give them a clear direction to go.
~ Use AIOP’s tools to build separate funnels for other businesses.  (In your AIOP back office, look under “AIOP Guide” for tutorials, and there are a TON more tutorials under Toolbox -> Products, then scroll down and look for “VIDEO Training Library” -there is a Library for each AIOP membership level.)

[9] When they purchase EPS, you can then give them your AIOP link in the “process” email.


Join my AIOP team here

All In One Profits (AIOP) Compensation Plan

Adding AIOP to your EPS business will not only help you make more EPS sales with the marketing funnel we have, but it will also set up a second income stream for you…monthly recurring income, which we refer to as “residual income.”  Here is a video which explains All In One Profits’ unique payment structure: