Getting Started

Steps for Getting Started in EPS and the No Limits Team Training

(1) Make sure you have entered into my email series (or someone in my team’s) – this is my way of keeping in touch with you and giving you information you will need. GO HERE and then be sure to check your email. The first one has the subject line “Please confirm your subscription”.  Click the link in that email to confirm, and then you will get the next email that says ‘here is the info you requested to make daily cash’.  Set up a folder (or “label” in gmail) to save all these emails into so you can refer back to them. Here is a tutorial for that.


Email Processing System website
Screenshot of the EPS official system website.

(2) If you are coming to this website and you do NOT have someone who has been helping you and who brought you here (a sponsor), then  CLICK HERE  to purchase your EPS system and the Bonus Team Training package.  When you complete your purchase transaction, you will be automatically redirected to the No Limits Team Bonus Training web page that corresponds to the training package you have purchased, and that web page will also include the link to the official Email Processing System.  Then watch for the email I will manually send to you after I’ve seen the notification of your purchase.  That email will have the link to the EPS system, plus the Bonus Team Training website.  SAVE THAT EMAIL. You can copy it and use it to send to your own signups too, after they purchase EPS. But DO NOT share that email with people who have not purchased EPS from you!!

Make sure that you have sent me a Friend Request on Facebook, and you will be added to our private training group we have on Facebook.  We have to be Friends in order for me to be able to add you to the group.  I will tag you in a welcome post, so be sure to watch for that in your Facebook notifications.  You have to be approved by Adriana the admin, so it may take a little while.


(3) Next, you will need to get your own website.  This will be your EPS “sales page” where people will purchase their EPS system and Bonus Team Training from you. Here are some of your options for setting up your sales page website:

(a) I create websites for our team.  Click here to see the sample page.  Ordering a done-for-you site is of course the easiest option, saving you time and any learning curve that might be associated with setting up your own site.  If you purchased the EPS Plus Bonus Training directly from me, then look for the instructions in the Welcome email that I will send you.  If you purchased from someone else in the team, I charge $10 one-time fee for site creation.  The hosting is included.

Here’s the info I will need you to email to me in order to add it to your EPS “sales page” website:

[1] Your full name as you would like for it to appear on your site.
[2] A photo of you.  Alternately, I can use your Facebook profile pic, so if you just want me to do that, then no need to send me a photo.
[3] Your PayPal Email Link.  To generate this link, just follow the instructions in the 3rd video in your Bonus Training.  The 2nd video shows how to upgrade your PayPal to a Business account if you haven’t already.
[4] As you can see on the sample page, the bottom of your website will have 3 spots where I can put contact info for you.  I highly recommend a link to your Facebook account (if you use a different account for “business” then send me that Facebook link) and the email address you want to use.  Also we can put your phone/text number (a Google Voice number can be used for increased privacy).  We don’t have to fill all 3 spots if you don’t want to, we can just fill in 1 or 2.
That’s it!  Once I get all that from you, I say “officially allow 24-48 hours” but it will usually be much quicker than that.  When I finish your site, I will email you back with the link.

(b) You can create a free page on your own with or or any other site builder that you’re familiar with. If you are wanting to make changes and additions to your sales page, then this is the option for you, since I don’t make changes or edits to the sites I create for others.

(c) Create a WordPress website on a hosting account of your own.  This option is more advanced.  I use All In One Profits (AIOP) for my sites, as well as for all of my sales funnels and other web stuff.  They have a lot of short video tutorials that show you how to do everything.  It’s really not that hard, and AIOP gives you an awesome set of business-building tools.  NOTE that if you get my marketing funnel, that’s through AIOP as well (see this page), so if you are wanting to set up your own site, then after creating your AIOP account, log in and go to Toolbox -> Products, then scroll down on that page and you will see a button that says “Click here to request your hosting account”…do that right away since it can take a few hours for the hosting to be set up for you.

(d) NOT RECOMMENDED: Inside the EPS system website, you will see some information about your options for setting up your EPS sales page. This is talking about the “YaYa” websites you can order through the EPS people.  YaYa creates those older “original” websites for just the $25 version of EPS, and they charge $10 for those sites. However, we DO NOT recommend the YaYa sites anymore. The reason for this is those sites have had a lot of problems, not the fault of the EPS people nor the fault of YaYa, but rather because those sites make use of a third-party service called Payspree. Payspree is used to route payments to PayPal or Payza, but Payspree itself has had problems with their own site being down for hours or days at a time, and even some accounts being hacked. Plus anyway OUR sites are exclusively for the the No Limits Team and our extra Bonus Training…so we don’t use YaYa sites.


(4) Get a domain name for your sales page.   Optional, but highly recommended, and I suggest purchasing your domain name from , where you can usually get one for .99 cents.  Then you need to “forward and mask” your domain name to your sales page.  Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website.  Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser’s address bar.  See this Godaddy help page.

If you don’t use your own domain name, at least shorten and “disguise” your sales page link.  You will especially need to do this if you post your link on Facebook.  You can use or, but my favorite service for this is IBO Toolbox – join HERE.  This is a marketing network, and it’s an excellent place to advertise for free.  Don’t get too distracted with looking around IBO Toolbox while you are getting your EPS business going, but go back to it later.  For now, I’ll show you a screenshot of where to go in the site to shorten your URLs – it’s in the upper right corner of the site:

IBO Toolbox for shortening URLs



(5) Be sure to study the training on the Bonus Training website, as well as the additional training we have in the Facebook group.  This training is some of the best online marketing training you will find!  Look in the Files, as well as under Photos -> Videos.

EPS training

Don’t feel you have to remember or understand every little thing taught there before you begin advertising your business.  It’s a lot of information, and you don’t have to study it all at once. If someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to, simply tell them you will find out the answer and get back with them.  Almost all questions people have are answered in our Facebook group Files, on the EPS sales page, and in the Bonus Training.  Keep going back over all this training as you have time.


(6) Decide which marketing method from the Bonus Training website you are going to start with. I recommend the Facebook marketing methods, as this is easy and will get you off to a quick start in earning money with EPS.  Be sure to follow the training in our videos.


(7) Get organized so you are ready for business!  I suggest creating a folder on your computer with a text file where you can copy the ads you want to use, as well the images you want to use.  Find the email I sent you after you purchased your EPS and Bonus Training, and save a copy of that to send out to people who purchase from you (just make sure you first verify they have made their payment, and send them the access links ONLY for the level they have purchased).  Also, some people like to save copies of some ads inside their email account so they can easily find those. Whatever works for you!  Remember, you can find plenty of ads and images inside the official EPS system as well as on the Bonus Training website.


(8) Whenever you are able to, be sure to get the EPS marketing funnel.  It will help you to run your business much easier.  It will automatically follow up with your prospects, and that in turn will increase your sales.


(9) Ok, you’re ready!!  Get to work, and make that $$$!!!

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