How To Create Stripe Payment Links

Here are instructions for creating a payment link with Stripe, with some screenshots to show you where to go.  This might look like a lot of steps, but the whole process is actually very easy and will only take you a few minutes.

But first of all, I highly recommend you turn on the “Afterpay” option inside your Stripe dashboard.  Afterpay is optional, but it has helped me to get more sales, and your prospects will like having that option too.  Afterpay is a free app that customers can download, and it’s free to use for both you and your customer.  It splits your customer’s payments into 4 interest-free no-fee installments paid over the span of 6 weeks.  So for example, if your customer purchases the $50 Starter Level package with Afterpay, they will only pay $12.50 to start, and they will pay out the remaining payments to Afterpay (you don’t need to do anything else or worry about it, this payment arrangement is between the customer and Afterpay).  However, Afterpay covers the full purchase cost upfront, so you get paid the full amount right away!  

I’ll show you how to enable Afterpay inside your Stripe dashboard, and then after that, I’ll show you how to create your payment link.  

After you have logged in on Stripe, look for the little gear icon on the upper right side to find your Settings, and click on that.  IMPORTANT: Be sure you do NOT have “Test Mode” enabled!

Next, look on the left side under “Product settings”, and under “Payments” click on the blue link “Payment methods.”

That will bring you to the page where you can scroll down and find the section “Buy now, pay later”.  You’ll see Afterpay / Clearpay, and look to the far right side on that line to click to turn on the green checkmark.  See how easy that was?! 

Now we’ll go to where you create the payment link.  Look toward the top of your dashboard, and click on the Payments button on the upper left.  Then look over to the upper right side and click on the “+ Create payment” button.  You will then see the option under there for “Payment link” – click on that.


Before you do anything else, you want to scroll down to Options and enable “Collect customers’ addresses” AND “Billing and shipping addresses.” This is what will make the Afterpay option appear on your payment form!  I had to ask Stripe’s Customer Service how to do that…we aren’t shipping any physical product to anyone so we don’t really care about their addresses, but this is actually what you need to have in these settings.

Also, while you are there, be sure all the countries are there.  Stripe/Afterpay can be used by customers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Spain.  (You can double-check that country list HERE.)

Now, above Options where it says Product, click inside the box where it says “Find or add a product…”  and you will see where to click “+ Add new product.”  A white box will pop up, and you are going to fill in those text boxes (don’t worry about the image one).  First, you are going to fill in the Name and the Description.  Below this image, I’ll show you what I filled in on mine.

Here’s what I have put on my $50 Starter level information.  You don’t have to word it exactly like I have, but it is what the customer will see when they go to pay, so you want it to be a good description.  For filling in the box that says “Name”, that is not YOUR name (Stripe will automatically show your name at the top), but rather it’s the PRODUCT name.  So for mine, you can see that I typed into the Name field “IPS Starter System, Training Courses, and Advertising Materials.”  In the Description field, I typed in all that text you see that begins with “This purchase will entitle you to…”

Set the Price, and make sure the “One Time” button is activated (you’ll see it will be outlined in blue).  When you are finished with all that, you will click the blue “Add Product” button.

Then, as shown in this next screenshot, in the upper right corner you’ll see the button “Create link” – click on that…

..and now there’s your new payment link!!  Click COPY and save that link so you can paste it into your email that you will send to the IPS website creation team, per the instructions inside your IPS back office.  YAYY!!

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