Infinity Processing New Payment Plan

Infinity Processing new payment plan

Great news!  You now have a new payment plan for Infinity Processing System (IPS) through my Infinity Processing Team’s Afterpay option.

This is your chance to get the Pro Level right away and only pay $75 now!

Afterpay is a “buy now pay later” option, similar to Klaarna.  Afterpay is free to use and splits your payments into 4 interest-free no-fee installments paid over the span of 6 weeks. 

There is no credit check for you to be able to use Afterpay, and it is something you will be able to use in stores as well as online.

I am approved to offer this via Stripe checkout to my personal Infinity Processing Team prospects. Be sure you are on my email list (CLICK HERE) where you can simply reply back to any of my emails and ask for the Afterpay link page.  (Important: VIEW all the information on my website but don’t use any of those payment buttons if you are wanting to use Afterpay.)

Afterpay pays the total cost for your purchase upfront, so that I am able to give you full access to your Infinity Processing System right away. When I see the notification that Stripe has processed your purchase, I will email you your login link for the IPS system. (Just allow a bit of time for me to do this.) I watch my email notifications all day so that I see them quickly, but if you wish, you may also message me on Facebook:

This is the perfect chance for you to position yourself for maximum affiliate commissions by grabbing the Pro Level! This will enable you to earn those $300 instant commissions.

You will also have access to our superb training, which includes:
✅ our private coaching group on Facebook where we receive live coaching sessions every Friday by a multiple 7-figure earner
✅ a Free Guide to social media that you can use to offer to your prospects
✅ ongoing tips and training
✅ the most effective images and texts to post on our social media
✅ our Telegram support chat

You will learn how to set up your Facebook so that it becomes a passive lead generator for you, with people coming to you to ask you for your link. No more chasing after people to try to persuade them to join you!

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