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Earn 100% Commissions With Infinity Processing’s Copy-and-Paste 6 Figure Business!

IMPORTANT:  Save the link to this page!  This is a TEAM page created for new members.  Give your sponsor a bit of time to see the notification that you have made your purchase, and they will email you the link to create your IPS account.   Meanwhile, this page will give you a little bit of instruction to help you get your business off to a good start!

Welcome!  We who are already working in Infinity Processing believe this is one of the best opportunities on the internet!   At the right, you will see some of the proof of payments that our members have been earning.

The commission levels available are:
              ⭐$50  ⭐$150  ⭐$300

Infinity Processing provides these advantages:
✅ Pays instantly and directly to you
✅ 100% commissions
✅ No monthly fees ever
✅ Work as little or as much as you want
✅ 6-figure earner’s training provided

Infinity Processing proof

Create free accounts on these websites:

These are not all required but they will be very useful for your business.

These are the “Big 3” social media and marketing platforms:

➡  – for shortening the link to your sales page, if you don’t have a domain name.
➡ – when you order your personalized IPS website, I recommend using a Linktree link on your website for the “Connect With Me on Social Media” button.  This way, you can control the links the button goes to, changing or adding to them, without having to get IPS to change the “Connect” button link for you.  CLICK HERE to view Linktree tutorials.

➡ – IPS provides you with really nice image ads you can use, but Canva is very useful if you want to make your own graphics, add text to images, even create presentations and short videos.  They have a paid version but you can do plenty with the free version.

➡  If you plan to use Stripe as a payment processor, BuyNowPlus is a site that lets you create payment buttons and links, and it securely connects to Stripe.  This is the easiest way I have found to create Stripe button links.  BuyNowPlus and Stripe together take a small percentage fee from the payment you receive, and they tell you on their sites, but it’s not very much – I think it’s pretty comparable to PayPal fees.

Facebook Training:

You will have an excellent series of training videos within your IPS system dashboard.  But I found a couple of older videos I had made for Facebook and so I’m adding them here as there might be some helpful tips in them.  (NOTE: Anything I was advertising in them is nothing that I still promote.)  And then I’ve added a recent video with some tips for getting your posts seen – very important!

How to find good Facebook groups

Tips for posting in Facebook groups

4 Tips to Get Leads From Facebook 

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