Six Figure Feeder

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I have a special fondness for instant pay programs, right?

The very first one I ever did paid $5 per signup, straight into my PayPal.   I think that was around 2016 or so.

I’ve mentioned that first instant pay program on a video or 2 I’ve made for IPS in the past.

I was SO broke at the time, that even those little $5 payments meant so much to me. I had the PayPal debit card, so that gave me instant access to my funds. This meant I could go run to Taco Bell to get something to eat, or to put a little gas in my car. No joke.

Even though that little program was only paying me 5 bucks at a time, it was so exciting to me to see that I could earn money instantly on the internet, and it gave me a bit more confidence to move forward with that “internet marketing thing” that I was learning about.

Six Figure Feeder

I’ve done a few instant pay programs since then. There are a handful out there, but I’m super picky about the ones I join and recommend to others.  And no, I’m not leaving Infinity Processing System! Really, it has all I need and I love it.


I saw this super low-cost instant pay offer that was new and different, and I decided to add that to my set of money-makers!  It’s called the Six Figure Feeder.  It’s created by a guy named TJ, and I have been in a couple of his programs in the past.  One of those was 25Dollar1Up, and that was a solid program that was a huge money-maker.

I do feel that the timing is right for a very low-cost instant pay program like this.

It is not related to IPS. It’s a separate program.  But I decided to include information about it here on this site, because it’s a super low-cost alternative to IPS if you can’t afford that program yet or for some reason it just didn’t appeal to you.

When I found out how the Six Figure Feeder works, I was really excited about it!  I’m going to strongly recommend you jump on board too ASAP, since it’s new…you’ll have a strong advantage by being one of the first to promote it.  

What is the Six Figure Feeder?

Below, I’m going to send you to the official video to get all the details, but here are some quick facts:

  • it only costs $15, one time fee – no hidden costs to keep it, no monthly fees
  • It pays you $5 commissions instantly
  • AND it pays you $5 on your signups’ signups (that’s passive income!)
  • you can get paid to CashApp, Zelle, Stripe, crypto, your choice
  • comes with a done-for-you marketing system – video and lead capture page, pre-written email autoresponder
Ok, check out the video and see what you think!



P.S.  It’s only available for USA right now…but I suggest you go ahead and get on the email list 😉

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