The 90 Day Challenge

Introduction to the 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day ChallengeIn the Make Money Online (MMO) world, many people talk about having multiple income streams.

But trying to focus on more than one online business can divide up your attention, time, and energy so much that you’ll find it hard to succeed.

What if you were to put all your focus on ONE THING for the next 90 days?

🔥This is a new team strategy we are running for 90 days, beginning on Sept. 1, 2022.🔥
UPDATE: The deadline for this particular opportunity to work together with the team
has been extended until FRI. 9/09.


I see this happen all the time – and yes, I have done it too – we try to do too many “make money online” things, trying to be all over social media to be everywhere at the same time…and not having a good solid plan to follow.

And we end up spinning our wheels, frustrated, and not making the kind of money we had hoped.

We are about to change that!!

Watch this short introductory video and think about the power of focusing on ONE thing.  Then continue reading below the video to learn what this 90 Day Challenge is about and how it will help you.  Lastly, follow the steps given to start the Challenge!

What is the 90 Day Challenge?

The 90 Day Challenge is a special team effort that will be taking place for a limited time.  We have a special private Facebook group that is exclusively for Pro members who wish to participate.  (NOTE: This is not the same as the Coaching Group that you join inside the IPS system dashboard.  That group is for all members, whereas the 90 Day Challenge Facebook group is a specialized Pro-only group.)

The goal of the 90 Day Challenge is to receive advanced marketing training and for us to work together to help all Pro members to try to earn $300 daily affiliate commissions from promoting the Infinity Processing System. 

There are some experienced marketers in the group along with complete newbies, and there is a really nice supportive environment in the group, with all being made to feel welcome.

In this Pro members-only group, we will be receiving daily step-by-step instructions from a multiple 7-figure earner coach.   This is the type of coaching people pay $1000’s of dollars for, but we are privileged to get it as a free bonus with our Pro membership.

Although the Infinity Processing System can successfully be marketed on any social media platform (or through email marketing and even offline marketing), in this Challenge, we will be using only Facebook to advertise our business.  This is NOT paid ads, but rather how to effectively build a thriving business using just your Facebook profile.

Topics we will be learning and applying include:

  • attraction marketing techniques – how to get people coming to you to ask you about your biz (no more chasing after prospects)
  • how to find a targeted audience for your offer and continually add them to your lead base
  • how to brand yourself and build the crucial “Know-Like-Trust” factor with your prospects
  • what to post and when

STEP 1: Join the new Proofs and Testimonials Facebook Group

CLICK HERE to find me on Facebook and send me a Message telling me you want to see the Proofs group, and I’ll put you in!  

This is a NEW group that is part of the 90 Day Challenge.  It will help you to:

  • have an easy 2 step method in place (add to group + show a video, EASY)
  • provide your prospects with proof this biz works, even before you have payment proofs of your own
  • show your prospects that our team welcomes and supports each other

If you aren’t Facebook Friends with me already, you’ll need to send me a Friend Request as well, since we need to be Friends for me to invite you to the group.

Then when I send you the invitation to the group, you will see that in your Facebook notifications.  Respond to it, and you will be required to answer a couple of the usual questions – who invited you (Sharon Gibson), and you agree to follow the group rules.  There is NO spam or cross-recruiting for any other businesses, products, or services allowed in any of our IPS groups. One of the admins will approve you…they are usually pretty quick but we have to be patient.

Once I see that you got approved, I will tag you in a welcome post there.  Scroll through the group or go to the Photos so you can see the Proofs of commission payments we’ve posted.

STEP 2: Get on my email list (if you aren't already)

Email is the primary way I keep in touch.  When there’s a bit of news or something to share, I’m able to send out an email to everyone at the same time, and you are also able to reply back to any of those emails and I will see that.  So please be sure you’re subscribed to my list – CLICK HERE.

STEP 3: Learn what the Infinity Processing System is

  • View all the information on my official IPS website (sometimes I refer to that site as my “Sales Page” – it’s the website that IPS provides to members).
  • You may also look through my YouTube channel to look at videos that will answer any additional questions you have.  

STEP 4: Join at the Pro Level to be included in the 90 Day Challenge

Return to my IPS website and select the Pro Level package.

I watch my email for notifications of new member joining with me, but if you wish you may also message me on Facebook when you are ready to pay so that I know you’re ready.

I will then send you an email with your link to create your login to the Infinity Processing System.  I’m in USA and I’m usually working at my desk during normal daytime hours.  But if I don’t see you immediately, don’t panic!  Just give me a bit of time 😉 

I will also get you added to the 300 Pro members group as well as the group chat.  You will absolutely love what we are doing with this!!

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